Wednesday 7 March 2012

Look, Listen and Learn

Christ almighty, would you look at the state of that

Hello you! I’ve done a few talks and podcasts of late and I thought it might be useful and/or interesting and narcissistic to do a round up of them all. So here they are.

Snoop Bloggy Blog

...wherin I talk (argue) about 2-screen with the lovely Barry Pilling, Dan Biddle and Kat Sommers of Off the Wall Post. I make a joke about breasts! 

I was asked to do a brief talk at the Coney (a wonderful playful theatre group) and Somethin’ Else salon. Which is a fancy word for show and tell. I took along a Neo Geo AES cartridge, pulled it out of my bag and made a bunch of shit up. Now you too can enjoy the sound of me making shit up.

A great chat with Paulina Bozek, Will Luton and Dan Pearson on a bunch of quite serious issues, including the perpetual bugbear of gamers being, largely, a bunch of horrible pricks.

OMG YOU CAN SEE MY FACE AND BODY. Seriously now, this one is a goddamn video. I spend 16 minutes being miserable about second screen and telling everyone to calm down and stop being silly. 

Notorious B.L.O.G.

And that’s it. I apologise wholeheartedly for how horribly self-centred this post is, but I’m a terrible person.

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